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JUNE 2024

Air Quality in Alberta's Industrial Heartland

Celebrating Clean Air Day in the Heartland

Every year, Clean Air Day is celebrated on the Wednesday of the first full week of June as part of Environment Week. This year, Clean Air Day is June 5, and it is a day to recognize the importance of clean air and the role everyone can play in keeping our local air quality as healthy as possible.

Why is Clean Air Day Important?

Clean Air Day is important because it highlights the direct impact air quality has on human health and the environment. By celebrating Clean Air Day, we raise awareness about air quality and encourage actions that contribute to cleaner air, benefiting both current and future generations.

How Can Individuals Help Air Quality?

Air quality can be affected by both natural and man-made sources. When substances from these sources accumulate in the atmosphere, air quality can degrade and affect human and ecosystem health. The good news is there are many ways we can all, as individuals, contribute to cleaner air. Driving less and driving smart can help, avoiding the generation of dust and smoke, saving energy by turning down thermostats and air conditioners, and shutting off lights when they are not needed.

How is Air Quality Monitored?

In and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Heartland Air Monitoring Partnership (HAMP) monitors the air you breathe. Our ten continuous air monitoring stations measure airborne substances minute by minute, 24 hours a day, all year long. The provincial government uses data from seven of these stations to calculate a daily and forecast Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). If you live in our Airshed, the AQHI ratings for Bruderheim, Elk Island, Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Lamont and Redwater are posted hourly right on our homepage.

In 2023, our Airshed experienced low risk AQHI ratings an average of 83.5% of the time. Even though we had some exceptionally poor air quality days in 2023 due to wildfire smoke, overall, we continue to breathe clean air in our region.

Our clean air is a credit to us all – government, industry and residents – because of the policies, practices and lifestyles we adopt to help manage the impact of our activities on air quality.

Post a Clean Air Photo on Instagram or Facebook For a Chance to Win

As a member of the Alberta Airsheds Council (AAC), we are inviting you to enter AAC’s photo contest running on Instagram and Facebook until June 30. Submit any photo showcasing the beauty of clean air to inspire others, and you will have a chance to win a cash prize. Visit the AAC website today for details.

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