Community Investment

Did You Know?

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region.

Given current pressures, the North Saskatchewan River has the capacity to handle all water demands for all users.

The overall water quality of our river is good and has in fact improved substantially over the past 50 years.

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland has been home to industry for over six decades. Throughout this time, the number and size of industrial operations have increased. Currently, more than 40 companies are located in the Heartland and vary in size from small service businesses to multinational manufacturing corporations.

Industry’s presence in the region helps create thriving, prosperous, and sustainable communities. This includes employment, sourcing parts and feedstock locally, being part of the municipal tax base, and supporting local organizations through donations, community investment programs and volunteer commitments by their employees.

Community Investment Programs

Thousands of dollars are available each year for local non profits, schools, volunteers, and community groups through industry’s community investment and grant programs.