Heartland 101 April 2019: Heartland Gears Up for Turnaround Season

It is that time of year again when facilities in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland take advantage of warmer weather. For many companies, spring signals the start of turnaround season and the continuation of or start of construction projects.

Maintenance is a must

Just like your vehicle and home, industrial facilities require regular maintenance to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Companies schedule turnarounds to decrease or stop production so that certain maintenance tasks can be completed. Depending on the facility, a turnaround can last as short as a few days, up to a month or longer.

The work completed during a turnaround involves equipment inspections and, if necessary, repairs, replacements, and technology upgrades. Particularly on older facilities, new technology can improve an operation’s environmental performance and help increase productivity.

Impact of industrial activity

Construction and turnarounds generate additional local spending on goods and services. They also create employment, as extra manpower is required to complete these projects. This added manpower may result in a noticeable increase in traffic on local highways. Turnarounds may also generate additional noise or visible activity as maintenance work is completed.

Curious about what you see, hear or smell?

Many companies use the UPDATEline to keep the community informed about turnaround and construction activities. Call the UPDATEline at 1.866.653.9959 to access pre-recorded messages about industry activity 24 hours a day.

Notable turnarounds and Construction Activity

Construction continues on Inter Pipeline’s Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) and Polypropylene (PP) facility (The Heartland Petrochemical Complex). Inter Pipeline is using buses to transport the construction workers to and from their site.

Companies with planned turnarounds this year include: