About Life in the Heartland

Did You Know?

Through three rounds of the Land Trust’s Voluntary Residential Property Purchase Program, 7 families have been relocated outside of the Heartland’s heavy industrial area.

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing region. Situated northeast of Edmonton, the region’s geographic footprint is 582 square kilometres with industrial zoned land extending into five different municipalities. The region is home to 40+ companies in a variety of sectors, including producing and processing oil, gas, and petrochemicals, as well as advanced manufacturing, with over $30 billion in capital investment to date.


Addressing the interests of residents in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and ensuring the appropriate communication between stakeholders has long been a priority in the region. Organizations have an extensive history of cooperating and supporting each other in Heartland-related matters. A formal partnership between five local organizations created Life in the Heartland in 2009.

The partnership established an improved method of communicating with the community by combining information and resources under one umbrella: Life in the Heartland. This initiative used resident feedback to identify the following as key priority areas:

  • Cumulative Effects
  • Risk Management
  • Air Quality
  • Traffic
  • Noise
  • Water Quality
  • Education and Communication

Continued commitment from industry, municipalities, and local organizations brings information on these topics to the community through Life in the Heartland.


Provide a coordinated approach to improve resident awareness of and access to information, resources, and contacts about topics related to existing operations and industrial development. This will be achieved through a variety of methods, including website, newsletters, dialogue at community events, and distribution of resources through partner organizations.

Our Partners

Life in the Heartland is a collaborative initiative amongst the following organizations:

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