Emergency Response

Did You Know?

Through three rounds of the Land Trust’s Voluntary Residential Property Purchase Program, 7 families have been relocated outside of the Heartland’s heavy industrial area.

Emergencies happen, and Alberta has experienced its share. How well we prepare can prevent an emergency from becoming a disaster. As individuals, municipalities and industry operators, we all share a role in being prepared, and having plans in place to respond to emergencies.

In our region, local mutual aid emergency response organization, Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response (NR CAER), brings together emergency response professionals from 9 municipalities and more than 30 industries. In 1991, the group formed to be able to assist one another, and draw on each other’s strengths in the event of a large-scale incident. Through the NR CAER mutual aid emergency response plan, member resources can be accessed, allowing for a response to “get big quick” in a large-scale emergency. Members train together and meet regularly with a number of response partners, including RCMP, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Alberta Health Services, Alberta Energy Regulator, and Alberta Environment SRD

Through NR CAER, members work closely on an ongoing basis on the following:

  • Mutual aid emergency response planning
  • Community Notification and information exchange through the UPDATEline 1-866-653-9959
  • Shelter in Place community safety education
  • Common training, including exercises and simulations
  • Sharing best practices in emergency management
  • Maintaining a strong emergency management network in advance of an emergency

Do your part! Take steps to ensure you and your family are safe, informed and prepared.

Many resources are available through your municipal website, and the following links:

Northeast Region CAER

General Inquiries: 780.424.0162

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Information Centre: 780.427.2700

Alberta Energy Regulator

Customer Contact Centre: 403.297.8311